Roots in the Netherlands, growth around the globe.

A world-class leader in agriculture storage and processing grew in the heart of the potato farm lands of the Netherland’s, a small country a fifth of the size of Idaho that is among the world’s leading potato producers and the world’s leading supplier of seed potatoes.

The Tolsma Timeline

1950’s: Tolsma family begins developing technology and equipment for the storage of potatoes in 1952.

1960’s: Tolsma begins fabricating fans and air ducts.

1970’s: The development of new storage technology moves quickly with the development of such innovations as removable partitions, temperature measurement units, climate control computers and in-house production of fans.

1980’s: Tolsma expands its expertise to nearby countries including Germany, France and Russia.

1990’s: Tolsma expands its footprint globally with major ventilation projects and refrigeration of potatoes, onions and carrots.

2000’s: The new millennium brings a number of acquisitions that broadens TOLSMA’s expertise to mechanical refrigeration, ventilation and control technology, internal logistics, grading and sorting. This time period also sees Tolsma establish operations in the world’s largest potato producing markets in the world — Ukraine and China.

2010’s: Tolsma establishes new headquarters in Emmeloord, Netherlands as well as operations in Russia and the USA.

With the acquired knowledge, expertise and experience that comes with growth and expansion, Tolsma-Grisnich has evolved to be the most reliable and innovative partner for growers and processors today.